alignmentIf the tires on your vehicle are not properly aligned, it can cause premature wear and tear on your wheels. With good alignment, your vehicle will travel straight and won’t “drift” to one side. A properly aligned vehicle is a healthy vehicle, so your tires should undergo routine checks to make sure they are aligned correctly. If you start to notice wear on one particular tire or you begin noticing that your vehicle is pulling to one side, it may be time for an alignment.

Contact the experts at Sansone’s Automotive where we will thoroughly examine the tires on your cat and make the correct alignment so you can drive in confidence. Worn out tires are not only expensive but they can also be prone to blowouts and become a serious hazard while driving. Let us take a closer look at your tires and get them straightened out so you can drive safely and confidently.

Alignment Services

Getting your tires properly aligned is considered routine maintenance. The process of alignment involves adjusting the angles of your wheels so that they are set back to the manufacturer’s specs. When your vehicle tires are aligned correctly, it allows the suspension and steering systems to operate at the angles they were designed to. As a result, the wear on your tires is much more even and it prevents excess wear at a faster pace.

The process of alignment is a complicated one, and not every mechanic can perform this service precisely the right way. It takes skill and knowledge to fully understand how to align tires since very make and model is different. We will make sure to read all the angles to ensure that every single adjustment gets made correctly, and we always set the angles to factory specs paying special attention to weight, chassis design and loading, tire size, and much more.

When you bring your car into Sansone’s Automotive for an alignment, we will align all the wheels on your vehicle, not just the ones that have more wear. It’s important that all four wheels are correctly aligned in order to prevent the car from pulling to one side as you drive. We understand that having the rear wheels aligned is just as important as the front wheels, so we never skimp on doing things right the first time.

Reduce wear and tear on your tires with an alignment. Make sure you give the experts at Sansone’s Automotive in Henderson, Nevada a call at 702-710-1902 to schedule your appointment today.