Brake Repair & Service

brake-repair-serviceWhen you drive, having brakes that work effectively is absolutely the key to keeping you safe. Leave your brake repair and service to the trained professionals at Sansone’s Automotive, where we’ll make sure that your brakes are in optimal working order. When it comes to brake repair, it’s important to know the basics of brake service so you can be better prepared.

Basic Brake Services

If your ABS light comes on, it could mean a serious underlying problem. The Anti-lock Brake System in your car makes sure that your wheels don’t stop rotating while you brake to keep it from skidding. We can diagnose and fix the problem whenever the light comes on.

To Keep your brakes running effectively, let Sansone’s Automotive perform a brake fluid flush. Brake fluid starts to absorb water over time which turns it corrosive, potentially causing damage to your system. Call us to have your brake system flushed regularly to keep everything working properly.

Another important basic brake service is to check your brake hoses. These tubes carry pressurized brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brakes for safety. If or when the hose gets crushed, it can cause your bakes to lag or even fail completely. Let us examine the brake hose for any cracking or excess wear and tear.

Important Brake Repair Services

If your brakes make a squealing sound, it could be the brake pads. Once they have completely deteriorated you will probably notice a loud, grinding sound that resembles metal-on-metal whenever you brake. If this happens, it’s time to have your pads replaced as soon as possible. Be aware of sounds like squealing or grinding so you can get them repaired promptly.

Caliper housing on your brake pads fit around your rotor like a clamp and press the pads against the rotor whenever you brake. If you have a problem with the brake caliper, it can cause uneven braking that makes your car slide forward whenever you try to stop. This condition can also cause your vehicle to slide in bad weather conditions. Make sure you call us for brake inspections to check on the caliper housing, rotors, and pads.

Sansone’s Automotive also provides rotor resurfacing that can bring them back to almost new condition to help reduce squealing of the brakes or a wobbling feeling. We can thoroughly inspect your rotors and make a determination as to whether or not they need to be replaced or simply resurfaced.

Don’t take changes when it comes to your vehicle’s braking system. Contact Sansone’s Automotive in Henderson, Nevada at 702-710-1902 to schedule your appointment today.